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WWE Raw is a wrestling game based on Raw, a wrestling show by WWE. It is the last WWE game that was released on the PC. The game features wrestling matches involving WWE superstars that are from Raw. There are 30 wrestlers in the game. Some of the wrestling superstars who appear in the game are the Undertaker, Triple H, and Kane. These superstars can be played in such a way where the player can also utilize their finishing moves. The game mimics the show by allowing players to play as their chosen WWE wrestler against other wrestlers in different wrestling fights. In "exhibition" matches, players can play normal bouts, that is, one wrestler against another. The game features a "Title mode" wherein the player's chosen wrestler competes for the game's heavyweight championship ring.

Players have the option to create their own wrestlers. The created wrestler can be customized through their names, costumes, and finishing moves. The game also has an interactive game environment which reflects the show it is based from. There are announcers that give explanations. There are audiences that react to every wrestler's moves. There are also Backstage combats which try to build up the game's storyline.

WWE Raw supports multiplayer mode of up to 4 players.