WWE RAW I - Total Edition

Anchor Inc. (Proprietary)

WWE RAW I - Total Edition is a wrestling PC game that is designed to mimic real wrestling matches for players who are looking for the real deal. This game is a fill conversion of the entire WWE Raw PC game that was released in 2002. WWE RAW I - Total Edition is praised by avid gamers for its extremely playable system.

This game is a successful transformation of an outdated game into a contemporary system that 21st century players can enjoy. The game features superstar wrestlers from WWE. One of the highlights of the game is the WWE presentation style.

The player can create a new WWE Superstar and make the most of a fighting system that is unique and highly strategic. The fighting engine is advanced and will satisfy the requirements of skilled wresting PC game players. Some of the match types available to players are King of the Ring and Royal Rumble.

There are new features included in WWE RAW I - Total Edition, such as the possibility of assaulting opponents on their way to the ring. In this game, the action may also spill into the crowd. The visual detail offered by this game is outstanding, including ten backstage areas ready for battle.