Shure (Axient) (Freeware)

Shure is an audio development company that creates different multimedia devices for commercial purposes from loudspeakers to listening gears and microphones. These devices rely on various applications for specialized manipulation especially during events where more than one device is linked to a computing system. A control tool that allows users to access all devices linked in a particular network is what WWB6 is. WWB6 stands for Wireless Workbench 6.

It is ideal for coordinating wireless frequencies that exist with audio devices. There are three tabs that can be seen on the interface. The Inventory will showcase all devices, Shure or not, that are linked to a system. It is where channel names and frequencies can be edited together with other parameters. To import scans from different devices, the frequency coordination tab should be selected. Apart from device related frequencies, the user can also search for local ones, say a local TV or radio station, and import these frequencies into the mix gaining him access to the feeds of these local networks.

The WWB6 also comes with a monitor tab and this is where all primary device controls can be found. Everything from sound adjustment to wave alignment can be manipulated using the tools found in this particular section of the interface.