Wrestling MPire 2008 (Management Edition)

MDickie (Proprietary)

Wrestiling MPire 2008: Management Edition is a talent management simulation game. It is the follow up to Westling MPire 2008. The developers have given it the slogan “You’ve been the puppet, now be the master! The real power is backstage!” And that is what the game intends to deliver, a rich, deep, and immersive experience into the world of pro-wrestling fighter management. It is a game the players the opportunity to be in the captain’s chair of the wrestling world.

It is a widely accepted fact that professional “wrestling” is mostly just a gracefully orchestrated set of stunts to put on a show. With the brute force and the competition aspect being handled by the peons that are the wrestlers, the players focus on the concept of delivering the perfect show. A better show means more fans and more fans means more money. The player hones his skills in matchmaking and fight orchestration to give the fans what they want. The game features a lengthy and detailed scoring system to ensure that whatever decisions the player makes throughout the course of the game are reflected and have their own corresponding consequences. With a highly detailed scoring system and a concept that is not too often seen in the world of wrestling games, players are in for a game with long life and even longer replay value.