Wrensoft Zoom Search Engine 6.0.1028

Wrensoft (Freeware)

Wrensoft Zoom Search Engine is a search engine that can be added to a website. Users who don’t have knowledge in programming will be able to use the application, as it can be installed in just a few minutes. The application supports a wide variety of file types including documents, images, videos, and audio. Additionally, it supports searching on different kinds of web pages, such as PHP, CF, HTMl, and ASP.

Although the program is simple to use, it has advanced searching capabilities. Searches can be customized so that results displayed are according to date or relevance to the search term. It also supports wildcard searches, which corrects search terms that may have been mistyped. Other features of the search engine are listed below:

• Thumbnails of the website can be displayed alongside the search results
• Search terms can be highlighted on the search results page
• Support for suggesting the correct spelling of search words
• Appearance of the search page can be customizable
• Support for indexing thousands of websites in one index

Wrensoft Zoom Search Engine also logs all searches made on the engine. The log displays information in the form of a graph and pie chart.