Wowhead Client

Wowhead (Freeware)

Wowhead Client is an application that is designed to keep the World of Warcraft database updated. There are two main functions tide to it namely, data collection while players are engaged in the game (via Wowhead Looter) and uploading of data to Wowhead. The Wowhead Client Looter add-on can be disabled if the World of Warcraft player prefers it that way.

In addition to its basic functions, Wowhead Client also uploads the information of the player’s characters to Wowhead so that the Wowhead Profiler is updated with recipes, pets, mounts, and completed quests.

WOW players can benefit from Wowhead Client because they do not need to update their profile manually. Meanwhile, there is an additional option that allows players to disable the character data uploading feature.

Wowhead Client is compatible with the following systems: Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7. This tool for World of Warcraft players can serve as a handy utility for players who are keen on updating their player information and game progress. The creators of the program also provide users with an online venue to discuss issues with regard to the use of the application. Players can discuss the program and ask questions and clarifications on any of the numerous online forums dedicated to Wow.