Worship Extreme

Worship Extreme Software (Freeware)

Worship Extreme is a cloud-based presentation software designed specifically for church use. This application is the first of its kind in the world. Users who have a viable Internet connection can access cue lists, songs, and different types of media from a computer without difficulty. Downloading Worship Extreme is akin to having immediate access to church presentation files without the need to perform computer to computer transfers.

One of the highlights of Worship Extreme is that it utilizes a dual view system. What this means is the operator of the program and the audience is presented with two different screens. This gives the operator full control of the presentation.

Worship Extreme by Worship Extreme Software has multiple functions that make it software that is holistic and versatile to use. This utility is designed to display videos, websites, slide shows, and PowerPoint presentations. This program is also equipped with tools that give users the power to place overlay text in front of high definition video clips and images as well.

Worship Extreme is fitted with a click and drag operating panel that makes editing and addition of media files easy and convenient to perform. Worship Extreme is a freeware that does not take long to master. Extra features can be unlocked for an affordable price.