Worms World Party

Team17 Software Ltd (Shareware)

Worms World Party is part of the Worms series by Team17 Software, Ltd.  It is an exciting, fun, and humorous side-scrolling artillery game wherein users control a squad of worms to try to defeat the opposing team.  By means of a wide range of artillery, ranging from bows to meteor showers, players need to use skill and strategy to triumph over the opponent as well as overcome all the other factors that make the game quite a challenge.  

Players take turns in launching an attack.  Clicking on the weapon of choice from the arsenal, they try to do as much damage to the enemy, taking into consideration the wind speed, the trajectory, and the environment.  Well-planned attacks can do considerable damage to the opposing worms, but certain hits can also backfire, hurting a player’s own worm instead.  Other misplaced attacks can, likewise, destroy parts of the landscape which, in turn, changes a lot of things in the surroundings, or create a domino-effect, wherein one damage leads to another and another.

The game area is surrounded by water – more than hurting enemy worms using a direct attack, drowning usually eliminates them faster.   And when the game time starts to run out, those worms stationed at the lowest level are in most danger of drowning as the water level rises with each turn.

The game has a training mode, single-player mode of 40 missions, and multi-player mode.