Worms: Ultimate Mayhem

Team17 (Proprietary)

Worms: Ultimate Mayhem is a strategy game released on September 2011. The game was developed by Team17. It was a re-release of another game from the Worms game series. The previous game was called Worms 4: Mayhem. The game is of the artillery strategy game genre. The game is different from all others from the series as it is the first to feature 3D gaming environment.

Worms: Ultimate Mayhem is a turn-based strategy game involving worms. These worms can move anywhere in the game environment to launch their attack. Each player controls one worm per turn. Each turn comes with a time limit. The turn ends when the player launches an attack or when the time expires. The ultimate goal is to destroy all the worms of the opponent and win the game. Worms die when their health goes from 100% to 0%.

For each turn, the players can choose their weapon. The amount of damage to the enemy worm will depend on the type of weapon, as well as the accuracy of the shot. For gunshots, there has to be a direct hit. For bombs and cannon shots, the worm suffers damage the nearer it is to the point of destruction. Worms also die when they are knocked back from the platform and into the water. Each player gets four worms at every start of the game. The player with remaining worms wins the game.