Worms Reloaded

Team17 Software Ltd. (Proprietary)

Worms Reloaded is a video game published by Team17 in 2010. This is the fifteenth video game developed and published by Team17 under the Worms series. Worms Reloaded is a type of an artillery strategy game where players focus on calculating the trajectory of projectile weapons by considering factors such as wind, distance, arc, and projectile velocity. Worms Reloaded features various maps with destructible elements (a bomb hitting the ground creates a blast crater) and a wide assortment of weapons and support equipment. Players can get weapons and equipment from crates spread over the map.

In Worms Reloaded, players can command a team composed of four worms where in each turn, players controls a single worm. The game has a single player game and a network multiplayer game. Single player has four game types: a quick game where player battle an enemy in a randomly-selected map, training mode where players can access the game tutorial, a campaign mode that features ten missions, and a custom game mode. Custom game mode has eight game types:

• Beginner – in this type, players are provided with normal and super weapons.
• Standard – players are only provided with normal weapons in this game type.
• Pro – players are provided with a limited amount of weapons.
• Rope Racing – in this type, players would get to move from start to finish using only the Ninja Rope and normal movements. The player who first reaches the finish line wins the game.
• Fort – in this game type, players are divided into two teams stationed in separate forts.
• Crazy Crate – in this type, players are provided with a limited supply of weapons. They must gather weapons from crates that drop very often.
• Bazookas and Grenades – only bazookas and grenades are usable weapons.
• Warzone – in this type, players are provided with a lot of weapons and utilities. Stronger weapons would take some time to be unlocked.