WorldWide Telescope

Microsoft Research, Microsoft Corporation (Freeware)

WorldWide Telescope or WWT is a program that allows users to view a map of the sky along with scientific data. Users can also navigate through the universe in 3D. The software offers five different viewing modes. These are:

• Sky – The sky Mode allows users to see images from telescopes that are positioned both in space and on Earth. Each of the images shown is from their actual locations in the sky. Aside from the outer space, users can also view images of planets, the sun, and the moon.
• Planets – This mode shows 3D views of the eight celestial bodies. These are Venus, Jupiter, Mars, the moon, and the moons of Jupiter.
• Earth – In Earth Mode, users will be able to see a 3D model of the Earth. The program supports various map projections.
• Solar System – The Solar System Mode shows the different objects in the solar system including moons, orbits, minor planets, and other objects from the sun up to Pluto.
• Panorama – The Panorama Mode allows viewers to see panoramas from Mars Rovers, vehicles that examine the planet Mars.

Users can navigate through the environment by using keyboard shortcuts and mouse strokes. Information about an object can be viewed by clicking the right mouse button.