WorldsPlayer by 1.900 (Freeware)

WorldsPlayer by is an application that enables users to enter and explore the interactive three-dimensional sites served by With this application, users can explore the different ‘worlds’ and interact with other users in those worlds. Users can create virtual personas or avatars. Through their avatars, users can communicate with others through animations, gestures, text chat, audio and video streaming, voice chat, cybercasts, and video streaming.

Users have full control over the appearance of their avatars, where they want to explore, and the viewing angle of the camera. The camera that follows the user’s avatar can be set to have a third or a first person view. Users can customize how they want their avatars to appear. There are more than 100 different humans, characters, animals, and even strange creatures to choose from. Once their avatar has been created, users can then walk around and explore different worlds.

Users can also engage in e-commerce transactions at the WorldsStore. Some worlds have a theme; for instance, users can explore Sky World, Animal House, The Fun House, and Bowie World. Users can also join discussion groups with other users. Users can add friends, teleport to new locations, locate and follow a friend, and enter contests in different worlds.