worldpainter (Freeware)

Worldpainter is an application that provides its users with access to a series of tools that they can use to develop highly detailed maps. The kinds of maps that can be generated using this particular program is interactive and serves the purpose of aiding Minecraft participants. There are different painting tools that allow users to create various landscapes not to mention distinguish area-specific terrain. Other natural components such as flora, snow, and the like can also be sculpted as necessary.

Created specifically for the Minecraft program, worldpainter runs on the Java platform. The graphical map generator makes it easy for program users to develop maps for their Minecraft projects. They can easily access different molding, sculpting, and painting tools to transform the idea in their heads to a concrete image on the computer screen. Full control over all components of the map from the landscapes to the terrain is given to the user.

Although most of the program’s creative components run automatically including those which are applied to the basic map, manual controls are available when it comes to the manipulation of finishing details. This makes it easier for map developers to achieve a realistic and Minecraft-worthy component that they can utilize for any particular project.