WorldOfTanks (Freeware)

WorldOfTanks is an online massively multiplayer action game in which users play in teams. More than 160 armored vehicles of various sizes and functions are available, and it is up to the player to utilize them in order to defeat opposing players and their teams. Teams must apply their own strategies on the battlefield. There are four primary battles to choose from: random, team-training, clan, and tank-company battles.

Random battles are of three types: standard, assault, and encounter. The standard battle is where teams must capture the enemy flag or destroy all the opposing team’s tanks in 15 minutes. In assault, a team is given 10 minutes to defend their base and tanks. During this time, another team will attack; if the attacking team fails to capture the base, the defending team wins. In encounter, teams fight over a neutral base within 15 minutes. If the base is not captured during that time, the match is a draw.

A key feature of the game is the Clan Battle, in which players can create their own clan and face other teams on the battlefield. The clan commanders have to fight against other clans for an area called a province. By having their own territory, clans will earn a certain amount of game points in gold on a daily basis.