Per Stenius and Oskar Sundberg (Freeware)

WorldCam is an online service tied with Instagram, the image sharing social network developed by Per Stenius and Oskar Sundberg. The service was launched on October 2012 as a side project. The project enables users to search Instagram for images taken on a particular location or search keyword. Images that are location-tagged show as search results. Non-geotagged images are not searched. The two developers are also the brains behind the “Is it old?” web service where users can check whether the link they are about to post has already been posted by another user.

WorldCam features a simple interface. An input box allows users to type in the location or search query they are interested in. The program uses the computers geographic location using the GPS service. The users may also input their location in the space provided. The first search result shows a map of the location as provided by Google Maps. The succeeding results show images posted by Instagram users with the geo-tags. Image results are shown with the Instagram username and avatar of the user who posted it. The image results also display the text status posted alongside the image. The images also show the time stamps when the image is posted. Search results are posted in groups of 12, with an option to get more results.