World Wars

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World Wars video game is a computer game that is designed in the tradition of war-based strategy game. The players of this game are set to face armies and engage in battles not just of strength of arms but of wits. This game is all about taking the entire world by force and using tactics and strategies to triumph over one enemy after another.

The business of players of World Wars is to wage war and gain domination over others. In order to lead his army to victory, the player must battle anywhere from one to seven armies. This is a turn-based game that is played on a board.

In World Wars the player is presented with a board that has specific territories with numbers on them. The numbers represent dice rolls. During the game, the player waits for his turn. When it comes, he has to click on one of the locations on the board plus another one which will serve as the territory to be attacked and conquered. When the player rolls a number that is higher than the figure that represents the enemy territory the latter is beaten and the player emerges the victor.

World Wars is a game that also offers players with special cards which can be gained and collected throughout the course of the game.