World War Zero

Rebellion Developments Ltd. (Proprietary)

World War Zero is originally released as a PlayStation 2 console under the name Iron Storm in 2004. Published by Reef Entertainment, it was then released as a PC game in 2005 carrying the name World War Zero. It is a first-person shooting game set in an alternate reality where World War I never ended. The game gives the player a first-person perspective of the war game which is set in 1964. The player takes the role of Lieutenant James Anderson, a hero among the soldiers of the Allied Forces and assigned to breach and infiltrate enemy defenses with the goal of stopping the Russo-Mongolians from developing a nuclear weapon that could destroy the world.

A new and more powerful arsenal of weapons is introduced for the PC version of World War Zero. Levels are improved for more realistic visual effects. The game is also simplified for a more user-friendly experience. The character models are also enhanced to give the player a better feel of the first-person immersion in the game.  Additions to the game include new save points, bloom lighting, support for anti-aliasing, and support for widescreen displays. Majority of the cutscenes and the multiplayer mode were removed. The third-person mode and the quick-save feature were also removed. The game cannot support 17” and 19” TFT screen resolutions anymore.