World TV and Radio Tuner 7.0.0

worldtvradio (Freeware)

World TV and Radio tuner is a free software that allows users to view over 10,000 online radio stations and 1,800 live television channels from around 160 countries around the world. As such, the user can simply tune in into almost every station that media has to offer even without the use of satellite dishes, cable, or even a television. This tuner is formatted with an easy to use menu that gives real time updates of the channels. Its screen can be personalized just by changing skins. The selected media can be streamed straight to the user’s computer without slowing down the system or interrupting work.  

Channels can be searched by this software according to theme, country, language, and transfer speed. It has a Favorite Manager that allows users to select commonly viewed channels.  

This software does not cause any breach to the legal issues of the copyright law because the media are never saved in the user’s hard drives. All the stations that it offers have been cleared by the copyright owners and record companies.  

Worldtvradio allows a free fifteen-day trial for the full version software. However, the user can still opt to simply tune in to it at its online tuner for selected free service. World TV and Radio Tuner software is coupled with a community toolbar that gives desktop notifications, recommended sites, and free applications.