World Racing 2

Synetic (Proprietary)

World Racing 2 is a car-racing game developed by Synetic Gmbh. It was released in September 2005. The game features three-dimensional graphics using the 3D Landscape Engine. The game offers up to 90 car models and a variety of car brands to choose from; including Volkswagen, Lotus, Morgan, Alfa Romeo, and Mercedes Benz, among many. The game also includes six 3D maps of varied features, with sizes spanning up to six square kilometers.

World Racing 2 features several game modes, including Career mode and Free Play mode. Career mode contains up to 100 mission races amounting to more than 60 hours of gameplay. The game also features some game customization options involving traffic status. Users can vary the game difficulty by setting the ongoing traffic from free driving to rush-hour congestion. The game also features car customization options from engine and car parts, to exterior design including rims and vinyl stickers.  The game also offers realistic gameplay utilizing more than 200 parameters to simulate real driving effects. The game also offers a complex damage system for different types of car models for a more lifelike racing experience.

World Racing 2 offers solo gameplay and multiplayer gameplay. Multiplayer mode supports up to six players. It is also available for PlayStation2 and Xbox, with multiplayer support for both platforms.