World of Tanks (Freeware)

World of Tanks is a multiplayer online game program initially released in October 30, 2010. It was developed by It features mid-20th century fighting vehicles and is built upon the freemium business model. This model provides players to advance in the game by paying a fee. The goal of this game is a player vs. player gameplay. Each player controls an armor or tank. The game features four game modes: team-training battles, random battles, clan battles, and tank-company battles.

Random Battles has three battle types – Assault, Standard, and Encounter. Team Training mode is mainly used for strategic planning, player training or studying new maps. Here, players can create a room and select a specific map. Players can also choose to make the room public or private. Tank Company mode is available for players with premium accounts. They can establish their own teams in four different divisions (Junior, Medium, Absolute, or Champion). The Clan mode allows different clans to compete with each other.

There are five types of vehicles in World of Tanks – Heavy tanks, Medium tanks, Light tanks, Self-Propelled Guns (SPGs) and Tank Destroyers (TD). SPGs are also called Arty, or Artillery. This game application also offers custom features. Tanks have different 3-tone and 2-tone camouflage schemes. These camouflage schemes are available temporarily or permanently. For temporary use, players can purchase these (either for 7 or 30 days) through their earned in-game credits. For permanent use, players can pay through gold purchased in the World of Tanks store. Players can also use National Flags and pre-designed slogans.