Workspace Macro Pro - Automation Edition 6.5

Tethys Solutions, LLC (Shareware)

Workspace Macro Pro – Automation is a macro recorder and Windows automation software used for automating computer tasks such as File Transfer Protocol transmissions, shutdown, and data transfers. Users can automate simple or repetitive tasks with a single click or keystroke. It features SMART Macro technology that provides intelligence for macros. It also provides High-Speed and Turbo-Action macro options that run macros to operate as fast as the computer can operate them.

For business and other similar processes that require organization and relevant documentation, this application can automate inventory checks, schedule business tasks, and generate reports. For individual projects, it can log in to webmail accounts automatically, automate computer maintenance, and fill out forms with preset content, among other notable features.

Some of Workspace Macro Pro's features include:
• Workspace Macro Recorder’s features are included in package, which include the ability to modify and improve recorded macros.
• It includes preset macro automation templates that a template wizard can produce.
• Windows automation macros that repeat at predetermined intervals, and can be scheduled at any point.
• Windows macros can be launched with a keyboard shortcut or a hotkey.
• A macro management feature that is provides details like macro statuses and runtimes.