Workspace Desktop

Starfield Technologies (Bundled)

Workspace Desktop is a special folder on a computer that can sync with GoDaddy's Online Storage. Go Daddy is a company that hosts websites in their server. It is also a domain registrar where users can register their selected domain names. When a website is "hosted" on Go Daddy's servers, all the files and folders associated with that website are in Go Daddy's online storage. In order to put files in the online storage, they must be uploaded from the browser. Alternatively, Workspace Desktop can be used to upload the files immediately to Go Daddy's servers.

The Workspace Desktop application is capable of uploading the files on the background. This means the computer can still perform other tasks while uploads are being completed. This also reduces Internet bandwidth used when uploading straight from the browser. The amount of bandwidth that is used by the application can also be regulated. In this way, Internet resources are not haggled by a single program. To modify the program, a name must first be created for easy identification. While all file types can be uploaded, there is a choice to upload only specific file types. Additionally, the application can also serve as a backup in case the website's storage has been hacked.