Workrave 1.10

The Workrave development team (Freeware)

Workrave is an application that urges users to take a break from using the computer to prevent having eyestrain, repetitive strain, or carpal tunnel syndrome. This helps users stick to their daily limit when using the computer for work or other activities. The application was first released in 2002. The program has a small window where users can configure the settings. Users can have micro-breaks or a regular break. When the window for a micro-break or regular break appears on the desktop, users can stop working for a while. There are two options on the window – Skip and Postpone. The time for the next break is also shown on the window.

Workrave also offers different exercises when users are on break. The exercises include activities for the body and for the eyes. Once the user’s daily limit has been reached, the working day is over. Users also have the choice to postpone the daily limit and end the day at a later time. The program’s window can be set to always be on top of other windows. There is also an option for playing sounds whenever a break time dialogue box appears. The application is simple and has an intuitive interface that beginners will be able to use.