WordWeb 8.0

WordWeb Software (Freeware)

WordWeb is a dictionary and thesaurus application for Windows. The application eliminates the need to open a dictionary or thesaurus website when looking up words. In addition to looking up word meanings and synonyms, the program also searches for words in web references (Wikipedia). However, this feature can only be used when the computer is connected to the Internet. The program can be used offline when using the thesaurus and the dictionary. The application consists of full dictionaries and thesauruses for Indian, British, American, Canadian, and Australian languages.

WordWeb’s interface is simple and is similar to the windows of dictionaries and thesauruses in word applications. Users can type in a word on search field beside ‘Lookup’. The results will be shown on the upper window of the screen. The tabs show results from different sources. At the bottom part of the screen, there are also tabs for words that are related to the search term. These are Nearest, Antonyms, and Similar.

Apart from supplying word meanings and synonyms, the program can also provide audio pronunciations of the word. This can be done by clicking on the sound icon at the upper right part of the window. With the application, users have access to over 60,000 text pronunciations, 120,000 synonym sets, 150,000 root words, and 5000, audio pronunciations.