BlueNomad (Proprietary)

WordSmith is a program that enables users to create word documents, write memos, and view documents. It was developed specifically for Palm OS-based PDA devices, and was named the Best Document Editor/Viewer of 2000 and the Best Application of 2001. The awards were given during the 2002 PalmSource Conference & Expo in San Jose, California.

With WordSmith, users are able to view documents with underlines, indentions, boldfaces, paragraph formatting, italics, justification, special fonts, and even color. Creating documents is also made easy for Palm users who have Stowaway and Palm Portable keyboards. For Linux users, the program includes a command-line converter so that the documents may be read on their devices. The program is fully compatible with Microsoft Word, and with other word processors that are capable of writing and reading RTF or Rich Text Format files.

This application has a number of features that make it comparable to a PC-based word processor. Some of these are a spellchecker, virtual file system support, a Fine-Type manager, and a thesaurus. These features enable Palm PDA users to write and edit documents on the go. Users can edit the size of the text, apply italics to fonts, justify and indent paragraphs, underline an important quote or statement, and other word processing tasks.