WORDsearch 10

WORDsearch Corp (Proprietary)

WORDsearch 10 is an application used for managing Bible reference data. This particular version is an engine that holds up to several thousand bibles on average. When installed, users have the ability to store different bibles not only for later reading but also for referencing as the program comes equipped with different search and organizational tools that allow individuals to find specific text or quotes as necessary. Aside from providing users with an easily accessible Bible library, this program from WORDsearch Corporation also offers support for multiple languages including Hebrew and Greek.

WORDsearch 10 is an application that is highly compatible with varying operating systems and can also be used on mobile devices like tablets and laptops. Earlier versions used RTF or the rick text format but this one offers technical support for actual display features which means that users can enjoy Bible reading on their devices as if they were actually holding a legit book in their hands. The thing about WORDsearch 10 though is that unlike an ordinary Bible, it offers a text search function. This allows users to find specific Bible quotations or stories, from the different versions on their device, with a click of a button.

Aside from the verse explorer, the text search function of WORDsearch 10, the application also comes with a reader element. Instead of reading the Bible by eye, users can enjoy having the verses read to them.