ELF Corporation (Proprietary)

WORDS WORTH XP is a role-playing game developed and published by Elf Corporation. Released in 2004, the adult-themed game was launched for XP computers although its earlier editions made the market in 1993.

WORDS WORTH XP follows the story of two tribes named the Tribes of Light, composed of humans living on the surface world, and Shadow, a clan composed of mainly half animal-half human creatures dwelling in the underworld. Both tribes are known for their sword-fighting skills. However, the 150-year war started when the tribes accused each other of destroying the Words Worth tablet, a monolith that separates their domains. It also introduced Astral, the Shadow tribe’s prince, who wished to be the tribe’s swordsman. He was also betrothed to Sharon.

The gameplay offers real-time combat battles between characters. Challenges posed along the way may affect the main character’s health, but items like healing potions and armors can be collected to preserve it. A store operated by Rinmo is also programmed in the game where buyers can obtain mission essentials.

Gamers operating their characters can also interact with the different characters. This process is vital in gathering necessary information in order to finish a mission successfully.

WORDS WORTH XP features a map that indicates the location for completing missions. Players can use the map in monitoring their movements. This item is an integral part of the journey. The story progresses as players advance in the game.