Calligra (Freeware)

Words is a word processor application developed by Calligra for its Calligra Suite containing office and graphics application software. The program enables users to create documents, as well as edit, save, and print the same. The program enables users to customize the formatting of the document, add images, and create simple charts. It features support for documents created by other word processing programs including ODF, DOC, and DOCX file formats.

Words features a grey graphical user interface. The menu bar includes options for File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Settings, and Help. The function toolbar provides easy access to common tasks such as creating a new document, opening a previously saved one, as well as Save, Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, and Paste options.  The window is divided into two: the main document window, and the right panel containing different toolbars including Text Editing,  References, Review, Basic Shape Manipulation,  Connect Shapes, Create Path, and Add Shapes toolbars. The Text Editing tool enables users to customize the font size, font type, font style, as well as paragraph options including indentation and alignment.  When a chart has been added to the document, users can likewise access chart options using this tool.  The Add Shape tool enables users to add artistic text, text box, or an image.  Connect Shapes tool is useful when creating flowcharts and graphs.