WordQ Application

Bloorview Kids Rehab (Proprietary)

The WordQ Application is developed to assist differently-abled individuals who have physical writing difficulties. It makes use of word prediction technology to suggest words that users are typing into emails and documents. With this application, users do not have to type a word in full. In addition, it also makes use of high-quality text-to-speech voices when reading back the text that has been entered, which allows users to edit and proofread their work prior to saving or sending online.

This application features a small interface window, which appears on top of a program that is being run. It is able to function with that application using a technology called transparent accessibility. For instance, when using Microsoft Word, WordQ will suggest a word based on the first letters and words that had been previously written. While typing, users may utilize the number keys or the arrow keys to select the desired word from the list of suggestions given by this application.

After typing, users may command this application to read the text out loud. It can be also set to read aloud the text as it is being typed, so users can make any grammar or spelling changes as they write. This typing assistance application can be turned on or off anytime.