WordPerfect XML Project Designer

Corel Corporation Limited (Bundled)

WordPerfect XML Project Designer is a program that comes included in Corel’s WordPerfect Office Suite. This bundled application provides users with the ability to work on XML or Extensible Markup Language documents so that they can edit and retrieve XML files and create new ones within WordPerfect. The Project Designer lets users determine the formatting and appearance of XML elements. It also contains a DTD Compiler, a component that enables users to create WordPerfect templates that are based on a Document Type Definition markup.

This application makes use of a simple project creator that guides users in setting up and opening new XML documents and accessing existing ones. This makes the program easy to use, especially for novices in XML project designing. In addition, WordPerfect XML Project Designer’s tools are arranged logically for greater ease of use. The project creator also guides users in permanently setting XML project names for better identification and easier template access.

Users who have personalized XML components can first compile the Document Type Definition to make the rest of the process faster and easier. The process of compilation is done by the application by associating the DTD file with a WordPerfect style sheet or template. When the DTD file has been compiled in the system, the rest of the XML designing process will go faster and more smoothly.