WordPerfect® 9

Corel Corporation Limited (Proprietary)

WordPerfect 9 is a set of desktop publishing and office productivity tools owned and developed by Corel. The office suite has a history of widespread usage in different operating system platforms since the early 1980s. Its office tools are often used in the commercial sector, as well as among individual consumers for its word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet features. While it is a collection of office suites today, WordPerfect in its initial version was a standalone word processor for personal computers that run on most common variants of the Disk Operating System (DOS).

The software was initially developed at Brigham Young University in 1979, where it was used in a Data General minicomputer. The authors, who still had the software rights, renamed and sold it as WordPerfect in 1980, It was bundled with DOS in 1982. After several versions, WordPerfect came with more features than WordStar, another word processor.

This office suite offers users a word processor, as well as a presentation program, spreadsheet application, Portable Document Format viewer, and Optical Character Recognition software. It is compatible with and has support for more than 60 file types, which include the file formats produced by the current version of Microsoft Office.