WordJong To Go 1.0

Gameblend Studios, LLC (Shareware)

WordJong To Go is a letter tile game developed by Gameblend Studios, LLC and published by Pogo. It was first released in 2005. The game is a combination of Mahjong tile and word tile game. The gameplay involves the player spelling words using the tiles from the board. And, like Mahjong tile games, it requires that the letter tiles are free in order to be used.

WordJong To Go offers three game modes:

• Classic Mode – In this game mode, the goal is to complete four WordJong puzzle by clearing the board for each puzzle. Each solved puzzle gives the player a fortune symbol, which serves as the key to opening the main gate of the WordJong temple.
• Versus Mode – In this mode, the player goes against WordJong residents. This is a turn-based WordJong version, wherein the player and the WordJong residents take turns in forming words. The end goal is to earn the highest points at the end of the three rounds. Players can also attain an “Instant Win” if he scores more than 30 points than the resident.
• Link Mode – The goal of this mode is to collect as many butterflies as the player can. This is done by completing puzzles. Each completed puzzle gives the player one butterfly. It also features the Link Letter, wherein the last letter from the puzzle board will automatically goes to the Link Letter Area. Letters in the Link Letter Area can be used to start the next word.