Wordfast LLC (Shareware)

Wordfast is a collection of translation memory programs. The first program developed in the collection is the Classic (WFP) version, which was designed as an add-on the Microsoft Word to meet the needs of individual translators and workgroups that use Word as their primary translation program and word processor. Documents translated using this application becomes bilingual documents temporarily until these are finalized.

The other programs in the collection are able to run on a variety of platforms and use compatible translation memory formats to meet the needs of users. The tools in the collection are ideal for use by freelance translators, educational institutions, translation agencies, and multinational organizations. The other programs in the collection are the following:

• WFP (Professional) – designed for companies or translation agencies, it is a standalone program that is able to run on multiple platforms and supports a variety of formats including those used in desktop publishing. It also comes with tools for project managers to use.
• WFS (Server) – the server is able to store and serve large files (for Pro and Classic versions) over a local area connection or via the Internet.
• WFA (Anywhere) – this is an online version that has qualities of both the Classic and Pro versions. It is free to use and has a user interface similar to the Classic version.