Word Search Deluxe

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Word Search Deluxe is a puzzle game where players must find words hidden on a game board full of letters. When the game starts, a list of words is presented to the player on the left part of the window. These words are the ones that must be found on the game grid. Words can be spelled vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Players must drag the mouse on the game board to encircle the word. Once the word has been found, it will be crossed off the list. There is also a time limit for finishing one puzzle. All the words must be found before the time is up in order to beat the puzzle.

The game also features different difficulty levels. There are game grids that have more levels, making it more difficult to find words. For children, there are game grids that have fewer letters. Words to find for children are also easier as are accompanied by drawings. The game has thousands of word search sets that are ready to play.

In addition to all the puzzles featured in the game, Word Search Deluxe also comes with a puzzle editor. The puzzle editor allows users to create their own word search puzzles.