Word Jolt

GreenLight Games, LLC (Proprietary)

Word Jolt is a word puzzle game developed by GreenLight Games and released on October 2003. Players select letters that are shown on the game board to create words. Each word created has corresponding points.

Word Jolt comes with two gaming modes—Arcade and Puzzle mode. Players choose letters from the game board using the mouse or a keyboard. The objective of the game is to make as many words as they can from the provided letters. Letters used in a created word is taken off the game board. The goal is not to let the pile of letters reach the top part of the game board. When the letters reach the top rung, the game ends. Word Jolt also comes with three difficulty settings.

Word Jolt’s interface features the game board occupying the majority of the window. Score is shown on the upper left while the timer, maximum word length achieved, and the number of words created is shown on the right hand side. Bottom part shows the current word to be played. Just above it is a Submit and a Clear button. Selected letters are shown as transparent bubbles. There are also special letters with corresponding functions—a letter marked with 2x means that any word created with it will double the points of said word.