Wopti Wipe

Wopti (Shareware)

WOPTI is a system utility management tool that is used to optimize and speed up the performance of a computer. The software is also a maintenance tool used to clean up files in the storage disk. The utility software is composed of four modules with specific functions in optimizing computer performance. The System Information module is used to examine parts of the PC, which include software and hardware devices. This module shows the complete details of the operating system, motherboard, Bios version, memory, network group, graphic cards and other parts of the computer. Under this option, the user can also run a benchmark test in evaluating the computer’s performance.  The System Optimization menu allows the computer to perform at its most efficient level. This option includes compression of files, boot speed up, and network optimization.  

The System Cleaning menu is composed of a Registry Cleaner, Junk File Cleaner, Redundant DLL Cleaner, Active X Cleaner, Trace Cleaner, Software Uninstaller, and Install Patch Cleaner.  This module primarily deals with cleaning redundant files and network history, fixing system registry, and removing files after back up.  The System Maintenance Module has a Disk Doctor that scans and fixes errors and a Disk Defrag that is used to organize disk fragments in the memory compartment. WOPTI also has Restore and Apply buttons for easy control.