Wopti Utilities

Wopti (Shareware)

Wopti Utilities is a collection of tools to manage and improve system performance. The software consists of more than 30 utilities that are categorized in four modules: System Information, System Optimization, System Cleaning, and System Maintenance. With the program, users can get details of all the software and hardware installed on the computer. Users can also perform a benchmarking test in order to see the computer’s performance.

Wopti Utilities can also be used to make changes on the way the system behaves. The optimization module makes sure that the system performs at its best. The program works on disk cache optimization, boot speed, file system optimization, and many more. Advanced computer users can also customize the way the computer behaves by making changes to the system registry.

Apart from fixing registry entries and optimizing the system performance, Wopti Utilities is also used as a system maintenance tool to ensure that the computer is running properly. The System Maintenance module consists of the Disk Doctor, Disk Defrag, Driver Backup, and Log Viewer. These can only be accessed by a user-defined password.

Each of the optimization tools included in Wopti Utilities has a wizard to guide novice users through the process. Informative details on the items are displayed, too.