Wondershare Photo Recovery 3.0.3


Wondershare Photo Recovery is a program which allows users to recover image, video, and audio files when it is suddenly lost on a personal computer, SD card, digital camera, or any storage device. The recovery follows very simple steps as Select, Preview, and Recover. To start, the users need to define from what device they need to recover the files. They can choose to directly connect the digital camera to the computer, insert the memory card or USD disk to the port, connect an external hard drive, or select the internal hard drive for recovery.

Once the device has been selected, Wondershare Photo Recovery will now allow users to proceed with recovery using the three-step process, Select->Preview-> Recover. “Select” is the part where users choose the device from which they will recover the image. The software will display the storage devices it has found and users can choose by selecting the appropriate drive. After this, users can click on “Scan” which will trigger the program to check the files which can be recovered from the selected partition. Users can opt to pause or stop the scanning process at any time. They can also save the scan results so they will not need to rescan the next time they look onto the same partition for recovery. After scanning, users can preview the files to decide which ones they will recover. Files can be sorted by name, size, date created, and date modified. There is an option to filter the files if users know exactly which ones they need. Once selection is done and the destination folder for the recovered files has been defined, recovery process can start.