Wondershare Photo Recocery

Wondershare (Shareware)

With Wondershare Photo Recovery, the user can retrieve lost pictures, video, and audio files. Various file types like JPG, GIF, MP3, WAV, RAR and many other file formats for recovery are supported. Devices such as the PC, Digital Camera, USB Drive, SD Card, and other storage devices can benefit from this recovery function. The software solves data loss caused by accidental deleting, virus intrusion, formatting, incorrect usage of device, and software malfunctions. The retrieval procedure has three main steps: selecting a target disk, scanning, and actual recovery of the chosen files.

One of the program's best features includes the ability to preview images, videos, and audio that can be rescued. Before scanning a drive for lost files, the program creates a backup of the data in the device to ensure protection during the recovery process. This ability assists in future file recovery even if the user overwrites the files involved. Retrievable images can be previewed to evaluate their recovery quality and enable the user to improve the accuracy of the recovery procedure and integrity of the rescued file. After scanning the drive, the user can save recovered files to a separate storage device.

Wondershare Photo Recovery can scan 8GB drives containing various kinds of files in about 20 minutes. This is the average scanning speed for programs of the same kind. This rate is made possible by a file-filter feature that separates and ignores unnecessary files from those that need to be rescued. The user can apply this function by choosing files to leave unscanned so that the software can work more efficiently. Scanning can be paused at any time and resumed later on.