Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory 5.2.1

Wondershare (Shareware)

Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory uses photos and images to create slideshows that are compatible with websites. The application is easy to use, as has a step-by-step process of creating the slideshow. Pictures can be added to the application by dragging and dropping. There are hundreds of templates that come with the software so users can create a slideshow with just a few clicks of the mouse. The program comes with several tools for improving the look of photos. Some of which are:

• Transitions – the program has built-in transitions that can be added between images
• Effects – there are also built-in effects that change the way the image looks
• Background music – background music can be added to the slideshow
• Text and animations – animations and text can also be added to each photo to make the slideshow more lively
• Introduction – users can create an introduction or title page before starting the slideshow

Finished slideshows can be saved in different formats, such as EXE, SWF, HTML, XML, or as a screensaver. The output file can also be sent through email as an attachment. Additionally, the slideshow can be uploaded to personal and social networking sites, such as Wordpress, Facebook, Blogger, and many more.