Wonderland Solitaire

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Wonderland Solitaire is a fantasy-themed solitaire game. In this game, players help Prince Argon, the Wonderland creatures’ number one choice of successor to the throne of Wonderland, in defeating the evil sorcerer Rasmos. Rasmos created a whirlwind that sucked up the residents of Wonderland and scattered them across the land. He also conjured an army of scary skeletons to harass the creatures and make them vote in his favor. To help Prince Argon, players must gather the missing Wonderland creatures by playing solitaire.

The game takes players to many different locations in Wonderland. There are a hundred levels of solitaire to play; each brings the player closer to achieving the goal to defeat Rasmos. There is also an extra mode that enables players to play infinitely. Players can visit the game’s Ye Old Magik Shoppe to buy upgrades to help them finish the solitaire levels quicker and easier. The game features Wonder Cards and Wildcards to help players win in the game.

Wonderland Solitaire features colorful graphics that make the game fun and interesting to play, especially for beginners. It comes with a tutorial mode to help first-time players in learning how to play the game as well as knowing about the special tips and tricks that can be used to finish the solitaire levels.