Women's Murder Club - A Darker Shade of Grey

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Women's Murder Club - A Darker Shade of Grey is a mystery game featuring the female investigators who call themselves the Women's Murder Club. The story of the game begins when the body of a young boy was discovered on a beach in San Francisco. It looks like an accident, but the ladies Lindsey, Claire, Jill, and Cindy think it was murder. Players assist the ladies in investigating the crime scene by taking pictures and samples that can be examined back at the lab.

During their investigation, they will discover that the boy was enrolled in a military academy in South Carolina. The Women's Murder Club then head to South Carolina where they look for clues at the military school and question suspects in order to discover the killer. During the investigation they will also uncover conspiracies, cover-ups, and corruption within the institution.

In this game, players control three of the Murder Club members: Claire, a forensic pathologist; Lindsey, a police officer; and the reporter, Cindy. Jill, a district attorney is present but is not playable. Players need to solve mental puzzles, find items in certain scenes, and find their way around scenes without being caught.

This game has ten investigations with 25 challenging mental puzzles that have to be solved.