WOL Magic Packet Sender 1.5.2855.39836 (Freeware)

Wake-On-LAN (WOL) Magic Packet Sender is an application that offers users remote access to computers. The application designed to be used by network administrators. This Packet consists of the hardware or MAC address of a particular network card and sends the signal to the motherboard. The computer system receives this packet and assesses if it holds the correct details for activating the power supply and boosting the system. These packets can only be sent out to the local or private network. Typically, these packets are sent over port 7 or 9 through connectionless or “socketless” protocols such as User Datagram Protocol and Internetwork Packet Exchange.

Steps in waking up a computer system include:

1. Execute the application
2. Enter or choose the hostname or IP address
3. Enter the subnet mask
4. Enter the MAC address of the sleeping, hibernating or computer that is turned off
5. Wait for the computer to boot up and gain access to it

WOL is commonly used with DD-WRT, a Linux-based firmware for wireless routers and access points. This is because you do not need a computer that is turned on most of the time. You can still use a computer outside your home or office, so long as a DD-WRT-enabled device that can be used as a gateway is available. In addition, you can run a server or computer at all times. Thus, you can shut down the computer when it reaches its temperature threshold.