WM Screen Recorder

All Alex, Inc. (Shareware)

WM Screen Recorder is an application used for recording any type of DVD and online video that is playing on a computer screen. Videos found in any website can be recorded in whatever format it is in.

Output qualities are made to be the same as that of their initial sources even for complex videos such as full-motion sports. An integrated MPEG-2 codec enables high-quality pictures in outputs. Recording videos is first done by marking the screen region to be recorded. Video windows are automatically detected. Hidden and minimized windows can be recorded apart from anything that is currently being played on one’s computer screen. Using the Background Mode makes a video to be recorded minimized, enabling the desktop to be free for use for other tasks. It also uses up lesser system resources to operate. Outputs can be saved into DVD-ISO, and MPEG formats, among others. Snapshots of video frames can also be taken. Audio from speakers or microphones can be recorded.  The program can specify audio settings for a certain record project, but users may override them anytime. Output recordings can be in AVI, MPEG-4, and MPEG-2 formats and are playable as video files for Windows Media. Recording can be started, paused, and stopped anytime. Recordings can be viewed by clicking on the program “Play” button. The program is legal worldwide since it does not hack or circumvent copy protection and DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology.