WM Converter 3.0

AllAlex, Inc (Shareware)

WM Converter is an application that is bundled with the WM Recorder. WM Converter is a tool for converting video files to different file formats. The program is easy to use and there are profiles that allow users to convert videos with just one click. The conversion profiles are found on the left side of the window. Some of the profiles are for Windows Media, Apple/iPod, AVI, Mobile 3GP, Audio, MPEG, and Flash. There are sub-categories for each of the profiles so users can just select the type of device where the video will be transferred.

All the videos that need to be converted are listed on the main window. Other information that can be viewed are the input file name, status, stream time, file size, and the progress of conversion. Aside from the profiles, users can also set the quality of the video. When the default button is selected, the application automatically selects the best quality for the conversion. The custom button allows users to choose the quality settings. The conversion options window allows the users to choose the video and audio bitrate, the frame rate, and the video size. Other options include the DirectShow codec, the video speed in frames per second, and the volume of the audio on the video. There is also a check box for disabling or enabling the audio.