WJChess 2D 1.01 (Freeware)

WJChess 2D is a chess game that can be played by beginners and advanced chess players alike. This game includes five game rooms and players can choose from three levels of difficulty. This game comes with six different chess sets and three skill levels to match every player. Players can select from Easy, Medium, Difficult, and Advanced. They can change the level as they improve their skills. This game knows all of the rules of chess, such as under-promotion and the 50 moves rule, and it has an opening book that contains all the possible openings to begin a game. It can also suggest a move whenever players are at a quandary.

WJChess 2D can also create, save, and load chess positions in the international (FEN) notation for players who want to study their games later. For beginners, the game comes included with a user manual and the rules of chess. Players can also print the chess board as well as the history moves, if preferred.

The game interface is simple. The left side contains the chessboard, and to the right of it is the time and the moves made. At the right side are two panes that contain the chess pieces that have been taken, one for the black and one for the white pieces.