Wizton Inc (Freeware)

Wizton is an application that uses VoIP technology to let the user make calls to land telephones and mobile phones locally, over long distance, and internationally. It allows for safe communication over a computer network by providing secure data channels.

The user can make calls anywhere within and outside the country because the program is universal. Furthermore, it uses key exchange together with 256-bit AES session encoding. AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encoding is the highest security standard used not only in VPN but in HTTPS/SSL as well. It is a technology for securing sensitive material. Originally used by the US government, its benefits now extend to commercial transactions in the private sector.  

The user can utilize Wizton to chat, make free international calls to other users of Wizton using Wi-Fi or 3G. Making a call with this program is done by doing the following steps:

1. Clicking the tab for “Call phones.” The main window shows a key pad displaying the countries and calling rates.
2. Clicking the flag menu on the main window. This is to indicate the country the call should be made to. If it is not an overseas or international call, there is no need to change the country setting.
3. Entering the phone number by typing it or by using the keypad.
4. Clicking the Call button to start the call. Phone numbers can be saved using the Save Button on the dialpad. They can also be retrieved from the Contacts option.