Antibody Software (Freeware)

WizMouse is a program developed and published by Antibody Software for enhancing the functionality of the mouse. Its primary purpose is for enabling the wheel of the mouse to work on the window where the mouse pointer is currently pointing instead of the active window. This eliminates the need to click on a particular window and activate it before being able to scroll up and down on that window.

Aside from this main purpose, the program also has the ability to enable the mouse wheel in certain unsupported programs. This is done by translating the commands of the mouse wheel to scroll bar commands. All programs understand these scroll bar commands allowing them to process the commands instantly. This function is only optional. It can be enabled or disabled via the program’s setting dialog box. After installing and launching the program, it automatically sits on the system tray. Double-clicking on the icon activates the program. It also brings up the configuration settings of the program. Available configuration options include enabling the program at start-up and enabling/disabling it via left clicking on the system tray icon. There is also an option to choose how many lines the program can scroll whenever the mouse wheel is turned.  Aside from these, there is also an option to reverse the direction of the mouse wheel. This function is optional as well.