Wizards of SimPE

Ambertation (Freeware)

Wizards of SimPE is a tool that comes bundled with the SimPE (Simple Package Editor) program that enables users to make modifications to the different elements in The Sims 2 game. This tool is used to easily and quickly recolor objects within the game without having to go through the (longer) process employed by SimPE. To use this tool, users have to install not only the SimPE program but also an image-editing program such as Adobe Photoshop.

After launching the Wizards of SimPE, users can check their settings in the Options link, close it, and click Recolors to start. The program will then load all of the user’s objects onto the main screen. Users can select the object category from the left panel and then choose a particular object within that category. Once and object is selected, users can click the Next button. Users can then click on the part of the object they would like to recolor and click Export. The application will ask for a filename and location for the working image; it is advised to save it where it may be located easily.

Users can then open the working image from their image-editing program and modify it as preferred. When done, users can save the edited image and import it from Wizards of SimPE. Users can change the image’s filename and click on Finish to save their recolored object in the game.