Vogat Interactive (Shareware)

Guardians of Beyond: Witchville is a adventure hidden object game developed by the company, Vogat Interactive. The player assumes the role of a paranormal investigator who visits a strange and creepy town to meet a colleague. Unfortunately, the investigator’s car swerves violently as s/he tries to avoid hitting a woman that appears out of nowhere in the middle of the road. When the investigator survives the accident, s/he heads to Witchville only to find out that the colleague has transformed into a ghost, along with the rest of the town’s inhabitants. The problem is that they are not aware that they ghosts.

The player’s task is to get to the bottom of this strange occurrence by collecting clues, solving hidden object puzzles, and picking up useful items. Every time a task is completed, the player learns more about the history of the Witchville townspeople. All important information is recorded in a journal, which the player can access at any time during the game. The hidden object games can be played in either the casual or advanced mode – in the former, hints and skips are provided to the player, while in the latter, there are no skips and the hints recharge more slowly.